The Winery

A great passion and wide knowledge in the oenological field are the tools by which we cultivate a wonderful vineyard dating back to ‘700 into one of the best suitable areas for viticulture of Bergamo. Casa Virgina enhances the native grape varieties (such as Manzoni Bianco 6013) but it is also an activity that looking for innovation: in our land, the Marna di Bruntino, we decided to add the grape variety Shiraz experimentally. The excellent results of this experiment led to the authorization of Regione Lombardia for the cultivation of Shiraz in Bergamo from the 2011 harvest.
Casa Virginia has chosen to give their wines the names of Bergamo’s legends, passed down orally in farms between mountains, valleys and plains; you will find them enclosed with our bottles, written in Italian and in Bergamo dialect.

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